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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good Morning to You Young Lady...and a High Five for NYC

Zo close up pink May09
A smiling, freshly woken Zo is the norm around our house.

Zo slept almost the entire night, and then woke up with the barest of whimpers. She smiled so big it hurt my face and I wondered aloud, "how does she do that?" It's amazing. I wake up hoping it's a good day, and she opens her eyes just knowing it will be.

So in honor of Zo making the world a better place just by waking up here's some wanker in NYC trying to do the same thing, just with high fives (pardon the occasional expletive). If this doesn't start your day off right you could be dead or seriously depressed, either way you should see a doctor.

I think today I will do something I've never done...or maybe something I don't do enough...or maybe I'll just plot and plan something really great, you know, hatch some evil plans for world domination or something? I dunno, whatever I do it'll be fun. Zo set the bar pretty high this morning, and then that NY high five guy (Nathaniel Kassel) turned it up still another notch.

Whew, I'd better get busy making this a good day.


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