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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You don't know the greatness you are...

week 34 - blue eyes... and flawless skin!... and the window reflection in her eyes... no photoshop here!

It's getting increasingly easier to look at Zoey and swell with rapture. I know that some of it is simple familiarity. We've known each other for almost eight months now and that leaves a lot of room for falling in love with someone's most random and smallest of features. You know the drill, I'm sure you still do it. You can't get enough of someone's hair, their mouth, or their Zo's case it's been her eyes. She knocks me over with those blue eyes and it seems as though, more and more, they're getting their own unique shape and tone. We wondered if you'd be able to recognize her Japanese heritage in her face at all and so far it seems to be only in the fairness of her skin and the subtle shape of her eyes. Her Mom has beautiful hapa eyes of a dozen colors and her Dad, that's moi, has blues in, as his wife says, "abundance." It's an interesting genetic mash up that keeps you leaning in a little closer these first seven and a half months. Zo has some seriously stunning peepers and, even as biased as I know I am, that's the holy moly truth.

Anyway...that's nothing any different than any other parent would type, I know. SO I'll leave you with this "apology tune" for wasting your time with run of the mill parental affection. It's 70% cheese, but you're gonna have to deal with it. A goodnight song for me to drift off to, and for you to stream at work and get your beautiful, mellow groove on to. Good luck. Don't get caught.

Blue Eyes - Cary Brothers


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