Saturday, September 26, 2009


What was supposed to be an easy Saturday is turning into a stressful wrist slitter as Indiana is giving Michigan all they can handle at The Big House. After the last three weeks a loss to IU would be devastating. As I type this the fourth quarter has started and Indiana just missed a field goal that would have put the Wolverines behind by eight...a touchdown and at least a two pint conversion...Our whole household, including Zoey, just gave a collective sigh. This was supposed to be a quiet day. Oh it's quiet...We're hanging on every word Jim Brandstatter spits out (but if he says "stock and trade" one more time we're shutting him off).

We slipped out for a few hours this morning to visit Grandpa and got home just in time to have Indiana punch us right in the mouth. I'm never leaving the house on a football Saturday again. We entertained the trip because we couldn't get the game on TV and we also needed to stop to pick up this schweet Patriots throwback jersey that Dad got as an almost anniversary gift to himself. It's all lettered up nice with Brady #12 on the back and sleeves. A halfway decent consolation prize if the boys in Ann Arbor blow this game...not really. I'll be despondent if..

TOUCHDOWN!!! TOUCHDOWN MEEEEEEEEEEESHIGAN!!! And a two point conversion!!! 29-26 Michigan 9:15 left in the fourth quarter. This Saturday is gonna give me ulcers! Where's Zoey? I need a distraction.

UPDATE: Indiana scores on an 85 yard run...#$%damnit...33-29 Hoosiers. This can't be happening...please God no!

UPDATE #2: Tate Forcier is a GOD!!! Forcier to Odoms, 27 yard post pass...Michigan 36 - IU 33...Holy Mother of Martavious! 2:29 to go...

UPDATE #3: INTERCEPTION MEEEEEECHIGAN!!!! Donovan Warren with 2:14 left to play...I do believe...I do believe...I do believe...

UPDATE #4: MICHIGAN WINS!!!! And Zoey sleeps...


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