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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two front teeth and a zfffffffffffffffffffffff

week 34 - 2 top teefers

With all the adjusting to being back home it seems that we forgot to mention that Zoey has two new now she's got four front teeth and is chewing the hell out of the house, more than any puppy I've ever known. The stools in the living room have bite marks in 'em...the edge of the table has been well-chomped too, and I dare not imagine the beating that June's breasts are taking. If I thought she was a champ before I'm certain she's a Heisman Trophy worthy champ now. Zoey just touches my nipples and I'm in the other room. I can't fathom the sacrifice it takes to let a mouth like that, all Bugs Bunnyesque and uber-toothy, get anywhere near your boobies. Yikes...I shudder.

The best part has been that you hardly even know when the kid is teething. She just rolls with everything so casually. She chewed on stuff a little more fervently, and she was a tad bit more fussy on occasion but for the most part this kid was as awesome as awesome gets. We're terribly proud of her but would like to remind her that as awesome as that is she still needs to stop eating the furniture.

BTW...that title exists because I actually fell asleep while typing it.


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