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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time flies, and all that crap that everyone said

Just a few minutes after Zo was born she was clinging to Dad's finger and tugging at his heart.

It never struck me until today but, my god, time has been scooting by. Zoey is getting bigger and everything is changing so fast. June has more time behind her on her year long Mat leave than she has ahead of her, and Zo is seemingly just weeks away from walking. Even if those first steps are a month or two distant it's still much earlier than I had ever anticipated. She shuffles along the edge of the couch and the bed, and she stares out of the window, leaning on the ledge and cruising from side to side in search of something to steal her attention. It's difficult to imagine that seven and a half months ago we were petrified to bring her home. Seven and a half months ago her tiny hand could barely grasp my finger tip.

Now she shuffles around here naked like she owns the place...owns our hearts at the very least so maybe that's excuse enough? All I know is that everyone said that this time would fly by and I was indifferent to their input. Now it's all I think of.


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