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Monday, September 14, 2009

The things dads and daughters too!

week 33 - daddy and zo... easily distracted

Zedder and her Dad have developed quite the unique relationship since that Hawaiian Airlines flight landed on Oahu back in July. In the weeks since they've found more fun in each other and have nurtured more than their fair share of quirks. That's the story of fathers and daughters everywhere but it's ceaselessly amazes you nonetheless. As much as mother and daughters have bonds little women and their father's find some room for special connections as well. Now Dad still has no success putting little Zed to sleep at night, and the fruitless efforts to comfort her at 3am bares little resemblance to the successful way Mom does the very same, but Dad has his own habits and Zoey has her own affections and together they make for a cute combination.

week 33 - daddy and zo

These days Dad and Zo are more inclined to go for a walk together when times get difficult. They walk in the waves and chase rabbits, or sometimes butterflies, and talk about baseball. Zedder may be "Shoeless Zo" forever to her story telling Dad and there are worse nicknames to be had.

week 33 - daddy and zo... trying to eat dad's nose

They do this nose squenching thing and Zo loves to gently tug at his hair or slap the skin of his shirtless shoulder. They touch finger tips rather than commit to high fives, and the pair watch a combination of Sesame Street clips and Detroit Tiger games on the computer. Zoey crawls under his bent legs every chance she gets now, as though she might be escaping from some hamstring prison. They inspect the stuffed animals hanging in the toy hammock in her room (because Mom can't reach), and they play in the hammock. Sure there's very little of the night time demands that make Mom so invaluable but those will come Mom assures Dad...those will come. By the time she's two, "just try shaking her loose from you coat tails," she says. God, I hope she's right. Mom's almost always are.


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