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Monday, September 28, 2009

Suspicious Zo and her Asinine Apple Aversion

Suspicious Zoey eating

Zoey's a good eater. She hardly gains as much weight as she does inches, but she's always been a good eater. Now, since she's turned eight months, her diet changes significantly. She's been transitioning for awhile, but this latest shift has made dinner time fun to watch.

As Steph would attest, she's a naturally suspicious girl, and new foods are entertained with the funniest of furrowed brows and a hesitancy that borders on refusal. She's good to give things a go after a quick inspection but some of this new diet has not met with her approval.

Cereals and assorted grain

Those puffy snack

Peaches, blueberries, fruity

Squishy vegetable


And when Zo runs head first into a "no way" type culinary experience, she balks faster than Dave Stewart did for the 1988 Oakland A's...and that's fast (Stewart balked a record 16 times that season). She half gags, and half allows her mouth to go on strike until the foreign matter is removed...either by falling out or by extrication via outside parties. It's hilarious. If you've never watched someone's mouth go on strike like they were a UAW ratified factory pre-auto industry collapse then you're missing out. It's too funny to watch.

Zoey looking up banana
Zo is either hankering for that hunk of banana or fighting Mom off...either way she has skills.

She's eating less and less from the food factory that June carries with her under her shirt, but we'll be awhile yet with the weaning process. It'll be this eighth month that we work on less and less boobie, more and more babysitting and time away, all while curiously watching to see if Zo's mouth goes on strike on a regular basis or just temporarily.


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