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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Plans A through Z - The Summary

Someplace Else
Someplace Else Restaurant, Hamtramck, MI

Alright people, pay attention 'cause this is important...Here's the plan...

As it stands it looks as though this family (wow, that still feels weird to say) has an approximate two year window before some major decisions need to be entertained. Why two years? Well little Miss curious, here's why?

1. Because we said it was a two year window...done.

2. Pat and Mayumi, the owners of this lovely beachfront view, will be moving back to Canada in no more than two years from now. It could even be much less...

3. My boss with the YMCA, M. Smith, has a retirement date of Spring 2011, almost two years from now, school years anyway...and there will be no one, I mean no one keeping the foxes out of the chicken coop after that wonderful woman goes. I expect their will be changes that I'm not willing to endure. I've chosen my work and life up to this point, I won't forfeit that control now. I love what I do because it's what I've chosen. I've done what I could to do what I want. Work-wise I don't step on roller coasters or anything else that I can't get off of.

4. My boss with the school board, Uncle Timmy, has similar plans to M. Smith, just not as set in stone. Once that change occurs there is no guaranteeing the relevance of what I do each day, and so I fully expect to be a retired man's priority. That doesn't translate well into job security.

5. We want to make the trip back to Japan in the summer of 2011, and would really like to stay for an extended period if it's possible. Of course, we've learned that it's you and you alone who makes it possible, so who's stopping us but us?

6. The notion of more kids isn't one we've avoided it's just one we hope to manage in the best sense of the word. When Zo is two the conversation of "when" will amp up, I'm sure, and although it could be another year or two down the road, the question will be floating about looking for an answer.

7. Because we said two years...Sorry, just asserting ourselves here.

Those are some pretty reasonable factors in the framing of these next few years of our lives. Unfortunately, they are littered with questions and we've tried to leave room for the wood to swell and contract, and to shift and settle. We've even left room for the whole thing to topple over.

Are we planners and, not necessarily. Are we doing our best to be smart and plan bet. Was it really necessary to share our plan with all of you...well, no, but it'll be nice when we up and move to Salmon Arm, British Columbia that we gave people warning.


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