Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just Another Guy...

I nearly spent my second anniversary at Comerica Park with my friend Corey. If it weren't for a walk by myself along the beach this afternoon I might never have realized that although as little as two days ago I was stressing what kind of gift to give my wife I had thoughtlessly gone and purchased tickets for Monday's Twins-Tigers game down on Woodward Ave.

Turd. That's what I am.

I quickly called Corey and cancelled, allowed the guilt to flow over my psyche like Bridalveil Falls washes over Yosemite granite. June laughed and shrugged it off while I fully embraced the embarrassment of my error. I've always thought that I had somehow eluded the larger curses of my gender while embracing the lesser. Turns out I suck just like the rest of us.

Best intentions...completely stupid and performing several dozen prostrations before my loving wife. #$%damnit I can manage some sucky things.

I'm slowly shaking this off but I don't understand how I could solicit advice and ponder a gift on Friday, buy a card and settle on a little something that fits our budget on Saturday, and then manage to forget all of that by Sunday? if I needed any further evidence as to the superiority of the female gender.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Don't feel bad. Paul is the one who remembers all the significant dates in our relationship. I do, however, give better gifts. ;-)

September 27, 2009 at 11:06 PM  

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