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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun fun fun 'til someday when we have to move...

week 35 - fake chucks

So I head off to work each morning knowing that fun stuff is happening in my absence, but I had no idea just how much fun stuff was being enjoyed in my absence. Turns out it's a lot.

First, there's always some Sesame Street on the schedule, which is a heartbreaker 'cause I love me some Sesame Street whenever I can get it. Then there's always some exploring, at least on nice days there is. There's the backyard to find adventures in, and then a short walk finds Mike Weir Park right there on the beach, and the walk into Brights Grove is really just a walk beside the beautiful expanse of the lake, all waves lapping and seagulls gliding. It really is a kid's dream, all blue skies and green grass with a soundtrack of wind and waves. It makes going to work pretty hard.

week 35 - playing with the stroller buckle
Zoey and Sophie soaking up the sun...

I know that every day is a chore, an endless routine of tedious work and attention but I miss our Hawaiian time, when all of us got to match rhythms and divide the day's obligations into awesome little chunks of Zoeyfied goodness. Now June bares most of the burden all day, and I sometimes fall asleep on Zo's floor during after bath play time. I think we should start buying lottery tickets.

week 35 - a little squinty
Zo is turning into a backyard junkie...

The one benefit to having to leave for work each day is that the endeavor ends with the fun of coming home to these two funsters. If I didn't leave for work, I wouldn't get to come back and find them waiting, which is so much a part of the fun. I think I'd prefer our Hawaiian routine any day, but there are subtle benefits to this Ontario one. A big thing, I think, is that we need to really sink into our community and become a part of it which we haven't done. I mean, I do it every day via work but not as a family. In that regard it always feels as though we're only here temporarily, which of course we are.

I always imagined living in a neighborhood, you know, with Murray from next door borrowing the ladder, and Ellen from across the street always recruiting Zoey to help her garden...a community, you know, with vibrance and vitality. Here on the lake we have adventure and awesomeness in heaping piles but aside from a neighbor or two there isn't much community. I think we're the renters and everyone knows it, It seems like whenever Pat and Mayumi come home from Saudi they slip right into a social world...we're housesitters, I think. No worries. The jokes on all these jerks who pay a million plus to live here, we pay $450 a month.

These guys get to soak up all that this place has to offer while I'm gone to work...a backyard with a view, being the best part. Regardless of community or the lack of any kind of neighborhood feel we've been ridiculously blessed being here. We've literally stolen four years on this lake and with any luck we're still here another year from now. We know it won't last much longer but then neither will June's time at home to hang with Zo and soak all this up.


Blogger John Teeter said...

The funny thing is we live in one of those neighbourhoods. But oddly enough, it took us ten years to get to that point. When we moved in, easily 15 years younger than everyone else, and a really short walk to UWO, everyone (we think) assumed we were up to no good teenagers renting a flophouse. But since we've stayed longer than the typical year, and have started a family, we now, ten years after the fact are meeting the neighbours. And feeling part of this little area of old north.

But not at $450/month! Hell I could live next anti socials and haters for that sweet monthly pittance!!!

September 26, 2009 at 1:22 PM  

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