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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A bold philosophy to follow the "Irrevocable Summer of Awesomeness"

I've decided thanks to a random post title over at Johnny Cupcakes blog that this Fall, WInter, and Spring will be tackled with the vigor and weightlessness of an endless summer, hence the term that will best define the next eight months -- Our Endless Summer.

I dunno how we're gonna manage it but somehow we're going to rally through falling leaves, snow and rain, and carry on some kind of Hawaiian legacy here in Southwestern Ontario.

Prepare yourself for nauseating "Endless Summer" posts woven randomly throughout this loving diatribe...we'll do the same.

Step three weeks of holidays at the end of December and start of January.

Step two...spend them in warm climes and only partially clothed.

Step three...get your ass in better shape (and by "ass" I don't literally mean my ass, it was more of a general all inclusive remark).


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