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Monday, August 31, 2009

Zoey has Issues with Michael Rosenberg...and nap time


Mostly Zoey has issues with the story Michael Rosenberg wrote in the Detroit Free Press and not as much with Michael Rosenberg himself, although he does looks fairly dorky with his wavy curly hair and those pseudo-intellectual spectacles. Zoey sees through all the madness and just wants Michigan Football to get back to being Michigan Football...which means winning lots and thinking they're better then everyone else (which we typically were).

Rosenberg was on WRIF's Drew and Mike Show this morning and the brat made a lot of sense...mind you so does Gary Busey from time to time, but I stepped from the car into the bright sunlight of a beautiful Monday, my last on parental leave, and thought, "Shit...that sounded better than plausable," and then I ran head first into the brick wall of our rented home in a fruitless attempt to knock myself out.

The new issue for me is that this team is obviously embracing some issues, and that regardless of violations or no violations everyone better buy an umbrella, preferably one that's shit retardant. This is gonna get ugly.

It seems we're still waist deep in the "Lloyd vs. Rich Rod" stuff that marred the beginning of this new era in Michigan humbleness and that's troubling. It would be interesting to know if Rosenberg's sources, both on and off the record, are Lloyd kids or newbies. That might explain a lot. All I know is that Zoey thinks the Detroit Free Press has ruined her last few days with Dad and she wants some instant retribution...perhaps some free diapers or maybe a perpetual press pass to everything ever...that might soothe her stress. She promises not to abuse the privilege and I'm guessing that she'll do just as good of a job as some of the Freep's usual mud slingers.

Now it's nap time for the Zedder but she doesn't want to go until after the Rich Rod presser.


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