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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Zoey gets her groove back...sorta, and Maka wants a job

Maka North Sails bag

What a bummer return to Canada. Is this October or August? Has the sun actually been extinguished? Our return to Liverpoolian weather has hastened our urge to live elsewhere what with the end of summer having already passed us it seems. What outrageous fortune to land in the midwest in August and it be the middle of Autumn already. Crazy. At least coming home has brought gifts from the great giving God of North Sails swag, Aunt Anette...she made Zoey's Hawaiian friend, Maka, a very happy plush fella. We're trying to get him a job as North Sails Director of Marketing but it's gonna take some serious nepitism, I think. We're quite comfortable with him being one of Zoey's best friends and calm inducer so he might be hard to let go of...OR we could always go with him wherever he goes. That would work just fine too.

Last night our rainy return was welcomed by a visiting Netta and our friend Yuka, from Japan. We ate, drank, hardly unpacked a thing, and hesitantly watched Yuka eat butter right off of her fork like it was shrimp or somethin' was pretty impressive. Not quite as impressive as her complete lack of embarrassment about her buttercicle but impressive nonetheless. The girls had a lot of fun in a largely testosterone free house. Netta fawned over Zo...Yuka fawned over Zo...June happily embraced everyone fawning over Zo...and I watched this symphony of affection from a safe distance. Girls do weird things in large groups and so it's best for men to hover around the perimiter and avoid entering the noxious air of your typical estrogen atmosphere. It can render an unsuspecting guy dumbstruck if he's not careful. I kept my hands and feet to myself and just enjoyed the girlish display of affection and easy bonding.

Yuka, June, Zo, Netta
Girls do weird things like sit in narrow hallways together and play with mirrors when there are couches available...

Zoey went to bed with minimal fuss and slept a good two hours before fidgeting her way awake, and then June slid her back to sleep in her own bed one more time without any wild reaction where upon she slept for another hour or so before she woke up on Hawaii time and wanted to play. So we obliged her since she doesn't know Kuhio Street is a good 15 hours away from here and then June and her found a nice quiet place to fall asleep while I cruised into the night with Peter Sellers and "The Party"...just about the best comedy ever made for midnight beverage consumption sans company.

When we all woke there was a smiling Zoey and some more awful August weather but we were happy anyway...Someday I'm gonna remember this "waking up to two smiling girls that love me" stuff and cry my ass off because it's gone. So this dreary morning I'll celebrate a sleeping solo Zoey, the fact that I saw someone eat butter by the hunk right off their fork last night, Peter Sellers genius, and two smiling, happy girls. The weather sucks but my life doesn't.


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