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Friday, August 14, 2009

Super sweet e-mails from the great kindness void known as "the real world"

So I check my messages today -- yes, I check my own messages. I have no choice now that I've fired that thieving midget of an assistant -- and I find this super sweet and kind note from a friend of mine we'll call...I dunno, Lisa Stucke, you know, just to protect the innocent...and it reminds me how fortunate I am to lead the life that I do.

Now, if you could wade through all that awkward humor at the start of this post...awkward and bad...then you're still reading this and I can honestly say how sincerely touched I was by all of the sweet things that Lisa said. Kinda makes me feel bad that I didn't tell her that the real reason we're here is to recruit homeless people for our sweat-factory in San Bernadino.

Seriously (there's nothing like deflecting compliments with shameful jokes), both June and I were floored and flattered by Lisa's kindness and promise to keep living consciously and making the kind of decisions that inspire people to email us sweet, thoughtful messages...and of course, the kind of decisions that find us living in places like Hawaii for a month.

Thanks Lisa...that was a sweetness on par with this crazy Hawaii place's beauty. I mean it. Now if you'll excuse me I've got to get back to interviewing homeless people. We can't just hire any old freak off the street. That sweat factory means a lot to me.

BTW...just to clarify...Yes, I did indeed have a personal assistant who was a midget whom I also fired but that whole homeless interview thing was completely made up. I hope that's perfectly clear. The last thing I need is Amnesty International breathing down my throat about that whole sweat factory deal.

Sorry Lisa...I just feel like a complete giggling idiot tonight. That really was sweet of you. I hope your soul's seeds grow into this world with a wonder and appreciation that no school, person or perspective can rob them of. It's a big beautiful place and I'm guessing you've watered them well. Mahalo and all that sappy crap.


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