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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nanners are Good For Ya, Says Zedder...and not worth $1.09 a lb

Zoey eating a banana by the pool

Everyone knows that bananas are good for you...everyone. Zoey doesn't. She just knows that they're gooood. Well, mostly she knows that, sometimes she's not so sure about it. She's gnawing on an awful lot lately though which leads us to believe that either she likes the taste of the backs of bus seats just as much as bananas or she's maybe getting a few more teeth.

June seems to think that she's teething a bit again. She laid off the chewing everything in sight routine a slight bit over the past month but is now back at it in super ravenous style. So either she's teething or enjoys eating really, putrid, gross pool towels and Mom's flip-flops...ahem, slippers. Let's hope she just teething and doesn't turn into one of those kids who eats really weird concoctions and odd her Aunt Netta and her Uncle Ian...those two are like garbage disposals for quality, well stocked refrigerators. It's mind numbing to see the the strange recipes for gastro-intestinal discomfort that those two are capable of. I hope Zoey doesn't turn out to be capable of turning leftovers into bad breath that easy (that's not saying that Ian and Netta have bad breath it just sounded funny...although whenever I used to make out with Ian he did have a rather ripe hole in his face...Whoa! That sounded awesome!) or with that little amount of consideration for how easily others are nauseated. Honestly Ian, bell pepper, polish sausage and rice sandwiches, on stale bread??? And Netta, you can't mix nori with week old deli ham, that's just gross...and no, tossing BBQ potato chips on top doesn't fix it. Let's just keep encouraging Zoey to munch tasty "nanners" 'kay?

Smiling Zoey and banana

It's going to be nice to get home and settle Zoey back into a non-freakshow routine of regular meal times and a concentrated effort to sneak real food into her copious diet of booby juice. We're in no giant hurray to leave Hawaii but a month is a long time and "nanners" are a good twenty cents cheaper back home...Yeah, I dunno how that works but it's the way it is.


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