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Friday, August 28, 2009

Invasion of the Annoying Annoyances

So June and I lay down to get some much needed sleep last night and what do we find? Bugs. There are bugs everywhere...mostly on our carpet but some had managed to come visit us on the bed. Not thousands, no not at all, but enough...probably thirty or forty and when you killed those you found more. We nearly shart our jammies. Bed bugs! Nope...what then? Fleas? No, not fleas either. So some fast Googling revealed that they were (or we think they are) carpet beatles. They're small and black and they can fly around a little and WHERE THE #$%K DID THEY COME FROM??? They weren't here when we left.

So we slept on the couch and closed the door to our room. Thank God we hadn't moved back in completely yet. We really hadn't put a damn thing back into that room. The bed, dresser and night tables remained from when we left them for Pat and Mayumi to use but there wasn't really a stitch of much else in there. Still...a call to an exterminator is sure to rack up not only a bill but a sh!t load of work. Awesome. It must be the Fall already 'cause it seems this Summer of Irrevocable Awesomeness is all but over.

We're not upset, just annoyed. Our couch is damn comfy but our bed is better, and I've never dealt with an exterminator before so I have no concept of the cost or extra special super fun work involved. Sheesh...

So now we have to email them over in Saudi and say WTF? and then sleep on the couch until something can be done. We'd like to try a natural home remedy but we'd also like to ensure that they don't find their way to Zo's room or the spare room. Those are the only rooms in the house with carpet. So if we want to ensure a successful genecide of the apparent bug population of our humble abode...we have to call an exterminator.

Oh, yeah, and the engine light went on in the car yesterday too. Are you kidding?


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