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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here Comes The Sun...dah da dah dahhh

week 31 - the backyard
The backyard we usually miss when we're away...until we found O'ahu we fly home from Hawaii expecting the nice toasty remnants of what we heard was a crappy summer but that had just turned around and was looking okay...and there's been two whole days of groovy niceness since we moved in. Two! That's it! I've been wearing jeans for three days! My God you people must be ready to kill someone. Just wait until late November when no one's had a summer at all, and then give it a couple more months and by mid January there will be homicides coming out the ying yang. People need summer to bust up the stress of the year, and now there's been none. I fully expect some semblance of an Armageddon-like chain of human meltdown by February. What with a bad economy you'd have thought you're precious Jebus would have tossed you a bone in a decent summer, but instead the great commissioner in the sky has had you on permanent rain delay. Good to be back home.

week 31 - back in ontario, on the beach
Hunkered down for a day of catch me if you can with le soleil...

We've moved back in slowly, doing our best to stay conscious of what we use and don't use and what can stay packed or get chucked (that sounds like some high school buddy named Chuck on a chick rampage)...we've done pretty good. NOW WHERE'S THE SUN! If we don't find us some decent float in a dinghy in the lake all day consuming cheap American Miller High Life and wetting our trunks kinda weekend soon well, we're just gonna pack up and head back to Waikiki. It just seems crazy if this is the kind of weather that you've been cursed with so far. We look out our back window at a scene that begs for good, golden sun and it's only looked this good twice since the wheels of US Airways Flight 321 from Honolulu via Maui and Phoenix touched down in Detroit.

week 31 - all sandy!
Zoey and Mom making the most of the 1.5 sunny days we've had in this Ontario, August

What time we did get on the beach was mostly spent keeping the sand out of Zoey's mouth and sweating. Oddly enough, there are no surfers in sight and very few, if any homeless people in least not in our backyard. We had a good day and all that but it'd be nice to string two or three of 'em together instead of staring out the back window and wondering how it got to be October so fast.

week 31 - smiles :)
Sun or no sun Zoey's been all smiles since our return...poor ignorant little thing

Of course Zoey's been a smiling happy machine ever since we've been home. She loves her house and her yard and her beach and the sound of waves each night instead of sirens and marines shouting at prostitutes...we love all that stuff too, but it'd be nice to frame it all in a window of awesomeness rather than grey clouds and rain. Zoey's smile brightens up our day pretty good but it's better when it's crusted in sand and the air smells like burning charcoal instead of fresh rain.


Blogger John Teeter said...

Ya know I gave up on hoping for any semblance of summer about two weeks ago. I figure we got that week solid of awesome weather when we were at the cottage we rented at Point Pelee, that I wasn't going to complain. But now that Fall is here, and it is my favourite season, I saw see ya Summer, and thanks fer nuthin'!

The truth is, I like wearing hoodies. And am not much for sweating.

August 28, 2009 at 7:06 AM  
Blogger Brian DeWagner said...

I hate sweating unless I'm earning that regard summer sucks the mustard. All I want is 75 degrees and breezy, forever. I think we both agree that an instant move to San Francisco with a job and a manageable life would be ideal. I'd take THAT weather every day for the rest of my life in a second!

August 28, 2009 at 8:15 AM  

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