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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Doctor, doctor....gimme the news

week 31 - eating lunch... and wearing it

So Zo had her 6 month-ish doctors appt. this week...a little late considering the fact that she's 7 months old now but we didn't exactly have a team of doctors at our disposal in Hawaii. Everything is good and she's healthy as healthy gets...scored a couple of immunizations while she was there and slipped home relatively unscathed.

She's officially longer...I forget how much because I'm a terrible person, but it was enough that I went, "Huh?" and my eyes got big...and she's officially and quite surprisingly a lean and mean 13.75 lbs...That's right. I was surprised too. She's growing just not outward. Can you wrap your head around a 6'1" tall Zoey? I was shocked. SUre, there's plenty of time for her to gain weight and there are growth spurts to come etc...but she eats great and has been on cereal and the fruit and veg for awhile and is still not Mrs. Pudgy pants...but she can practically dunk now. Seriously, she did this crazy cross-over dribble deal in the driveway the other day and tripped me up just enough to rise straight up outta Compton and over my stumbling @#$ for a rim rattling "Don't bring that $#%T to my house" hammer slam. I dusted myself off and went back in the house where I proceeded to take her crib apart. She might have ups but her manual dexterity is embarrassing and I'd like to see her put that damn crib back together. Have fun sleeping on the floor there Spud Webb. You'll learn, Dad's just like LeBron and you don't dunk over Daddy.

On a secondary note I spent most of the night instant messaging 50% of the Bergquist family and I want to "accidentally" run onto them again and soon, and for more than a twenty minute chat. We were supposed to run into them at Comerica Park tomorrow but had some stuff come up...Perhaps we drop said "stuff" and scoot off to Comerica Park anyway?? Hmmmm. perhaps...


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