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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blue Skies Shining at Moi...Nothing But Blue Skies Blah Blah Blah

Blue sky Hawaii

And say goodbye to Felicia...I never liked her much anyway. I actually just typed "anywood" right there instead of anyway and I have no idea how or why? Weird.

Blue skies now and the rain has gone. Those were pretty crumby remnants of a Class 4 Hurricane. Time to get out and play again...This morning we took the bus down to Ala Moana again and Zo is clearly a bus monster. She makes about a dozen friends each ride and today she tried to eat a little Samoan girl's arm. We would have stopped her but we thought it was pretty funny, and the experience, well, chalk one up that we don't have. Neither June nor I knows what a Samoan tastes like so she's got us on that one.

This morning before we left I posted a stupid status on Facebook about selling Zoey to some old people from Vancouver so we could stay a few more months. It was a knee slapper that had us goin' for somethin' like a minute or two. Then we get home and at least a dozen people have chimed in... some responses were hilarious. My friend Karli told me that I had sinned, and then my friend Betsy thought it was just fabulous. I figure it was somewhere in between. We'd never actually sell Zoey, at least not until she's old enough that we can say she just wandered off on her own. How stupid do you think we are?

C'mon...we're kidding...we kid. We're never letting this beautiful girl out of our sight, not even for school. Dunno how she's going to grow up normal with her Dad sitting right behind her in every class but kids have grown up worse, right? She'll manage. She couldn't possibly grow and end up any worse than LaToya Jackson right? Although I suppose the Jackson children shouldn't be our gauge for healthy child development should it?

Time to fun is to be had out there on that white sand. We're gonna take this crappy 24 hrs and flip it into some fun, kinda like what Rick Porcello did to Kevin Youklis last night. If we're lucky we'll see those two old coots from Vancouver and steal Zoey back.


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