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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Adam Duritz sang "I'm Not Sleeping," but oddly enough I am

Okay...serious lack of posts over the last two days but it's completely explicable...

Tuesday we got on a plane...

Wed we were still on a plane but had lost six hours of our lives even as we were donating 15 hours to travel...add the two up and we're pooched out of about 21 hours of your average day...

Wed night (EST) we kinda passed out from exhaustion and depression...

Thursday morning...well, we just woke up so we'll catch you up later today. Right now I'm going to eat some cereal covered in milk that I can afford to purchase without a second mortgage. Wait...I don't have a first mortgage? So just milk that's affordable I guess.

We're hunkered down at le grandparents until tomorrow afternoon, at which point we rally the troops and invade the beach house. From that point on you can expect regular interuptions from us in your typically busy work day or particularly quiet evenings. We'll blog more later 'cause you know, you're not cool if you're not blogging, cripes, it's practically the new black (WTH does that ever mean anyway?).

BTW...can someone tell Zoey that 2am is not the new 8am? It is, in fact, the old 8am so get your senses in order kid...your back in the "time actually matters" zone, you know, that place where it's not okay to almost walk outside wearing only your flip-flops and a smile...yeah, that awful place. Cheer up though, now we get to figure out what kind of shenanigans, as Harmon would say, we can get into next.



Blogger John Teeter said...

Good luck with rearranging those hours of the days.

August 21, 2009 at 8:35 PM  

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