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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things Aren't Always Easy Smooth in Paradise

Surfboard rentals w bike

That's a heavy title for what might not amount to a very heavy post...or of course it could. Mostly today was a down day...we were a little sunburnt, a lot tired, and in need of some normalcy...Zo too. So we woke up late, got out of bed late, and all of us tackled the three mile stretch that just Zo and he had been enjoying. Turns out that whether you're here in paradise or back home in Brights Grove, it's entirely possible to be out of rhythm completely without doing a damn thing. We were cutting each other off, slowing each other down, working on making a frustrating morning out of a beautiful one. It's like old Augustus McCrae said in Larry McMurtry's "Lonesome Dove"...

"Life in San Francisco is still just life," and one of the greatest characters ever written is right...only this is O'ahu.

We eventually got back on track and in rhythm and the day roared on past. It was a pretty quiet one but a good one here at the tail end of it. Zo's on her way off to sleep...Mom and Dad are gonna take some time to eat and hang out, albeit with a sleeping kid no less than five feet away but the louder it is the better it seems. There's a giant bottle of Kona Brewing Company's Longboard Ale in the fridge, along with a Big Wave Golden Ale, and a Fire Rock Pale Ale, all beauty micro's from over at Kailua-Kona on the big island. It's shaping up to be a nice and easy night. The winds are blowing quietly and the whole south shore has cooled off. Now let's just hope the Zed falls asleep without too much of a struggle.

Took more shots today since we've been slacking...always attached to le beeb and always laying real low. The day folds out pretty nice, just like you were here (but not quite) when you pull up the pics and dump 'em off the camera.

Palms w hammock and Diamondhead
How's this to start your day? If your relaxing in a hammock under Diamondhead at 8am then you've got no worries.

The day started off kilter but how off kilter does Waikiki get? Not very.

June stroller w Diamondhead
June and the Zed on a not so average stroll with Diamondhead looking down.

We cruised further than we had before, right below Diamondhead and through the park and some residential area. Some of the places 'round here are worth millions...a block off the beach and nestled in below Diamondhead...three bedroom bungalow on a crowded street...$2 million...easy.

Waikiki bungalow
One block from world famous surf...a backyard view of a world famous natural landmark...a cool $2 million

One of our favorite parts of these places where surfing and beach culture take root (which is SO FAR removed from an all-inclusive it's not even funny) is the completeness of the culture. If you grow up in San Clemente or Waikiki you surf, that's it...period. It's a pretty simple equation. There are roof racks on every car...there are surf board carriers on bicycles...there are old men walking to the beach with 11' boards and little groms still soaking wet walking home with tiny wafers of boards, sometimes they're both cruising on skateboards. When you live this close and in this much harmony with the beach, it drenches everything...even scooters

Scooter w surf rack
You gotta get that board and your behind to the beach somehow...

By the time we got home Dad needed a nap, but Zo and June got busy finding us something to do. We've got lots planned...just nothing today.

Zo w June reading the paper
Zo does her best to help but that whole "can't read" thing makes it tough

Right 'round dinner time we stumbled into a live hula band going off down on Kalakaua so we settled in for some uke love...

Mom w Zo watching Hula Band

Then we wandered back down to Kuhio Beach and chilled while the sun faded...Zo w Dad - Kuhio Beach
Dad and Zo soaking it up...

It was a good day that didn't start out in any kind of groove. It's easy to rally with this view, but then it was a nice reminder that it doesn't matter where you is life.


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