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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thank Heaven For Little Girls...


Thank Heaven for Little Girls isn't just a lame blog post title...It's a portion of a Magnum P.I. episode title, "Thank Heaven for Little Girls, and Big Ones Too," that aired on Christmas Day in 1980. The only reason I bring it up is because it's the first and only time that the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium appears in the series which is the exact location of Zedder and my walks each and every day. It's a real tragic enterprise...wake up and chill out in bed with June and Zo...usually 'bout 6am or so...then Zed and I load up and head out for a hike through Waikiki while Mom heads for some alone time at the gym. Zo and I walk down the block or so from Kuhio to Kalakaua and then cruise the strip all the way to the beach and across towards Diamondhead and the War Memorial. Then we haul it back, maybe take a few detours and get sidetracked a little...maybe walk a little further...either way it's about a three miler, and it's a beauty way to start each day. I'm sure Mom agrees. By the time each day is over we probably log between five and seven or eight miles...just cruising around....adventuring in an urban Hawaiian kind of way.

This whole week the 25th Annual Quicksilver Longboard Classic is rolling out at the beach and they start early, so Zo and I get to soak in some of that each day. By the time we roll home Mom's had anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours to just breathe and pay attention to herself which she gets almost never. Zed and I get to run the streets and beaches of Waikiki and you can guarantee an hour's nap for the Zipster somewhere in there. It's a hard life but you manage it the best you can.

Duke statue Waikiki
We walk past the Duke Kahanamoku statue...

Beach at Waikiki
Past this awesomeness...

Royal Hawaiian Waikiki
...and head back toward the Royal Hawaiian and soak up that view all the way back in from Diamondhead...

My life sucks...


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