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Monday, July 27, 2009

Tanned Babies are practically the best thing ever.

week 25 - all she wants is the camera

Zoey's got a little tan on her face! It's surprising only because she's been the palest little thing on the planet for six months, but last night I noticed that her face has some color and it's cute as hell.

We've been working really hard to shield her from the sun out here. It burns quick and you can feel it's strength drill down right through whatever SPF you've got on. She mostly stays wrapped in a sarong in the carrier or covered in her stroller. Naturally, she sees a tonne of sun but we protect her as best as we can and we've been fortunate so far...just a tiny tan. We typically search for some shade down at Kuhio Beach where the park provides more shade than anywhere else on that stretch of sand. We're quick to the ocean, showers and shitters (I know that sounded funny and that's exactly why I used it there) and both the zoo and aquarium are at that end of the beach. Blah, blah, blah...I suppose if you've never been, but if you have you'll know that it's a nice place for the Zed to ease into some sun.

Zo's tan has us wondering what kind of look she's going to grow into. I guess every parent spends an inordinate amount of time staring into the mirror for their child and with Zo we're we're no different. We both find her looks are shifting each week but only subtly so. Her eyes, we noticed, are looking more and more like they've been influenced by the Yamaya family as much as any other. Sure they're a deep blue (a characteristic that still floors Baachan, a grandchild with blue eyes) but have a definite almond shape and squish into nothing whenever she smiles...which is a lot.

Her face, oddly, seems narrower first thing in morning when she wakes and gradually falls into a wider, more rounded shape as the day progresses. If you doubt me then you need to wake up with her each morning and then fall asleep with her each night...which reminds me to tell you to sod off if you laughed at that 'cause I'm her parent and see it every single day, you're just reading a blog...She's no different than the rest of us, more refreshed looking in the morning, thinner I'm sure, and less wore down by the day.

Zo's growing but upward much more than outward. We're looking forward to her next doctor's appt. to see what he weight gain has been like. She seems taller but hasn't added a single roll save for a little weight under her chin. Of course, we don't know what to expect and what we here from others is a confusing blend of this and that. She's, she's long...she's gonna be tall...oh my, she's petit...whatever, you're all nuts. She's just Zoey.

Both June and I can't wait for the day, maybe next summer, for sure the one after that, when this kid just runs around the beach with a tiny little naked bum all tanned and sun crazy. Right now we have to be happy with little brown cheeks and a translucent torso.


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