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Friday, July 31, 2009

Shout out to my kinda sorta Ohana back home

Rarrr tanning at Hilton lagoon 2
Rarrr stealing some sun action at the Hilton's oceanfront thief.

This Summer of Irrevocable Awesomeness is made better by better people...It's been a huge surprise to hear from people who I never imagined reading this blog but who I love no less because of that thought...I just never imagined people would care too much, especially old friends...which kind of makes you wonder why you ever got new friends??

Even before we left a really good friend of mine, Mary Ann, would get in touch from time to time just to say, "hey," and let me know that she was reading and enjoying the blog. She even dropped me a quick have fun email which is more than about 98% of the people I know did. I love that girl...she's never been anything but unbelievable to me.

Then I get home tonight and find an email from another old friend ( and MA buddy) Lori, and she goes and makes me feel like a billion and half dollars...her and another stellar friend of mine, Ivy...together those three girls have always been the epitome of irrevocable awesomeness. They're seriously kind and I light up every time I see them.

There are others that drop in and check the whole b-log out pretty regularly too...Stacey and Denise from work are two reasons why I go to work and it's just icing on a pretty damn good cake that they actually care so much about other people, especially people like us here at Team Zedder.

My good bestest friend from growing up, Johhny Teetumstein checks in regularly and one of the best parts of this whole Daddy thing has been reconnecting with JT. Even in Hawaii I'm excited to get home and finally see Johnny Lawnchair in person after a decade or so.

I'm missing about a hundred and half people...sschfifteen-teen maybe even...but it's amazing to me that anyone save family reads this nonsense. Maybe I'll take some of your advice and turn all these words and sentences and paragraphs etc...into a life that is built around them someday...or maybe not. I kinda like my life right now.

Thanks for dropping by you guys, but mostly thanks for just giving a sh!t. It's a pretty cold world, and can be even in Hawaii, but you folks warm it up plenty good. For most of you I've probably never told you how cool you are or much I dig you real. Maybe because we didn't hang out all that much, or maybe because we were dudes and dudes don't say that sh!t, but I'm sayin' it...People like Ivy and MA, and Lori...Johnny T and Stace and Denise make me smile a lot more than I already do and I smiled a helluva lot already.

Thanks guys, and mahalo.

By the way...I typed this entire blog post buck naked with only an increasingly dramatic tan line there to discern where I was previously wearing clothing earlier today. Life in Hawaii sucks the mustard (I was actually wearing only a towel...even here in paradise I'm tragically modest with things like gratuitous and reckless nudity...tragically).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really like that Ohana big deal there, i don't like to admit it but i do alot of the checks and balances thing these days and find myself very grumpy at times with the scale tilted in the "what the hell" side. I'm finding i can't be who people thought i was or want me to be, or who i thought i was. I am just me and i'm really liking loading up the 'there thats better' side of the scale. I spent last night riding bikes with my little boy, jumping curbs to squeals of 'cool dad' only to finish the evening watching the purples and reds of the sunset and eating a cherry popsicle on a parking curb in front of a store i haven't been to since i was a kid. Now 'there thats better'. The shared big cheek half pack of hubba bubba for the ride home wasn't too bad either. Oh and to hear my eight yr old call a scruffy, standoffish cat a dirty bastard well that was pretty cool too............cause i was thinkin the same thing...dirty bastard cat. Uncie Brad

July 31, 2009 at 10:39 AM  
Blogger John Teeter said...

I like that I never have the same name.
Where like = love.

And of course I'm following along! You're right about those "Stand By Me" friends you make as kids – their impact and comfort never leaves you.

August 1, 2009 at 8:13 AM  

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