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Monday, July 27, 2009

Band Aid's My A$$...Penny Lane IS TOO a groupie!

It's times like these I'm glad that I'm in the middle of an ocean and far far away from the maddening world...sadly, not far enough away to miss this awful snapshot.

Hudson A-Rod smooch

Kate Hudson and Alex Roidriguez? Awww, c'mon world...would ya throw us a fastball low and away just once. This curveball diet sucks the mustard right out of a Fenway Frank!

From a parenting perspective we're going to use this as a teachable moment...

First, Kate Hudson is officially a perfectly acceptable example of a debatable tramp, that individual that seems to be otherwise but who's actions suggest silly tramp. Look and learn Zo.

Second, that Alpha male A-Rod types need to be avoided, almost exclusively. Are you paying attention dear?

Third, that one stupid decision, like making out with Alex Rodriguez, can ruin any previous awesomeness you once had. Example: Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous" will never be the same. How can you ever look at Patrick Fugit again and hope deep down that he just might get the girl...not now after the girl has A-Rod finger smudges all over her...

Lastly, when you're in a beautiful exotic place never EVER read the NY Daily News...ever.

Did you get all that Zoey Sakura? You better have. I'm too distressed to repeat it.

Also, the word of the day today is superciliousness...we'll explain what it means later, just know that it's the word of the day today.


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