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Friday, July 24, 2009

"Oooh, dats cheapie free"...June's ears work all pigden

Waikiki beach

So we're lookin' for a bus out to Ala Moana Shopping Center to buy some goods for the room, maybe find some kind of better beach set up for the Zedder and I tell June about the Ala Moana shuttle and how it's just $2 for her and I and for Zoey it's free...June heard something like, "Ooooh, dats cheapie free," and I've been laughing ever since. She sounds like a local!

It reminds me that between June and our good friend Chantelle, we referred to their mutual language misdemeanors as "Chantune Syndrome" because they always heard the weirdest stuff come out of our lips. We would say something like, cell reproduction, and June or Chantelle would say, "What are you talkin' about? Celery production? Huh?" It was unreal funny.

Now I miss Chantelle. How can I be in Hawaii and miss Chantelle? Missing is good no matter where you're at, right?

If June or Chantelle heard me say that they're auditory processing would have spit it out as, "Singing is good no matter where you're at, right?" Like I said, unreal funny.

On a crazy note...we were just talking to one of the maintenance guys here and got to talking about the cost of living etc...and he said that it's nearly impossible to make it here without family...there's that Ohana deal again...that rent is crazy, that young people in their thirties regularly move back home with their parents, that even a good working job that's putting $30 or $40 an hour into your pocket doesn't cut it if you need to pay rent etc...'Bout the only way you can make it is if you're living in an inherited property or you pull in crazy loot. Sounds awesome. How important is sun in your life?

On an even crazier note June ate this pre-packaged straight outta a Yokyo ...whoa, what's my name, Chantelle?...TOKYO vending machine Temaki deal today. Bought it at the corner store. Now I like Temaki but this was some whacked out pre-wrapped gong show Temaki...a tuna deal with the sushi and the nori wrapped separate but inside the same overall packaging...??? Whatever, the packaging doesn't matter as much as the fact that you can buy Temaki here like 7-11 hot dogs back home.


Weird? Probbaly not as weird as the 99 cent bananas! Seriously...99 cents for one friggin' nanner at the ABC Store...hence the need to get to a Safeway or whatever over at Ala Moana...enough of this pre-packaged sushi and $400 million dollar bananas. You can buy a #$%@& straw beach mat for $1.59 but a banana is $1.00...WTF?

Even crazier still...check out the breakfast options at McDonalds...

McDonalds SPAM Breakfast

Yep, that last one is SPAM. I once read an article about how Westernized canned crap food, things like SPAM and other crapola, had become standard fare in the South Pacific and was ruining the diet of people in Tahiti and Fiji etc...It seems it's popular enough to make the mainstream menu here in Hawaii. I might have to try this if only to purge my stomach. This would be the greatest hangover cure ever I know, if you wanted to hurl and then maybe still feel bad afterwards.


Anonymous Baachan said...

It'll be cheaper than the sushi restaurant,I bet.

July 24, 2009 at 8:47 PM  

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