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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One More Sleep...then it's 15 hours of Zedder in a confined space

Hawaiian Airlines

It finally dawned on both June and I this morning that there's only one more sleep until we leave. ONE MORE NIGHT! By tomorrow night we'll be sleeping to a soundtrack of "Tiny Bubbles" after about fifteen hours of manhandling a restless baby across several time zones and part of the Pacific Ocean. Sounds fun. I wanna just snap my fingers and BLAM...Oahu...but that only works when I'm really, really drunk. This time we're just gonna have to suck it up.

This is how it looks...

US Airways, Departing at 11:30am...Detroit to Phoenix...'bout 4 hours

US Airways, Phoenix to Kahului...'bout 6 hours

Hawaiian Ailines, Kahului to Honolulu...'bout a half hour

Arrive in Waikiki sometime after 7:30pm...with a 5 or 6 hour time change in there.

Can't wait to see how messed up that makes Zoey. She'll be sleeping all day and wanting to surf all night. We're also pretty eager to see if we can somehow pack better than we've ever packed in our entire lives. This is no week long all-inclusive...this is a month away from home. Mind you, it's also no Vietnam or Nepal either, so we'll be just fine but it's also been a few years since we lugged our lives across an ocean and back then it was just June and I. Zoey complicates the scenario by a good 15-20%...maybe even 25%. We'll manage -- we always do. more sleep. I'm so excited I just might get the "worry scoots"...that could be too much information.


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