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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise...

Rarrr w sunglasses and Coors

We're starting to get pretty familiar with this place...enough so that we kind of loosely wander through each day...maybe get somethin' done...maybe not. It's a tragedy of Elizabethan proportions. Fall asleep early, wake up easy...walk, some sun, some beach, some more sleep...maybe go somewhere...pool...Throw some coffee, beers and the odd burger in there and BAM, you've got our day for the most part. I try to avoid seeing the Tigers score and June mostly tries to get Zoey to acoid putting her mouth on the benches and rails that homeless people lean on. In the immortal words of Joe #$%king Walsh, "Life's been good to me so far..." I wish I could type that cool guitar part he does after that...

There's about a million photos a day to post so I won't even try...but here are a few favorites from the day...

June and Zo in the pool 2
When the ocean is 6 ft plus there's always the pool, and Zoey loves the pool

June and Zo in the pool 3
She might love Mom in the pool more than just the pool all by itself

Zo lacin up new Nikes
Zo tryin' on some new Nikes...

Zo new Nikes
They're all velcro and coolness with an air sole...sure they cost a lot but then so does cool.

We're supposed to head out to the USS Arizona at Pearl tomorrow but maybe we'll forget? The only thing we gotta do is drag our slipper tanned feet over to the Waikiki Zoo for the summer concert series performance tomorrow night. It's Jake Shimabukuro, and if you've never heard of him slip on over to Youtube and check him out. He's awesome. Take a peek...

It's a $3 donation to the zoo and Jake's on stage at 6pm and done shortly after 7pm...That's what I call Zoey friendly. Now I gotta go out and get me a uke! Start like Jake someday...maybe not.


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