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Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Five o'clock Somewhere...right here to be exact


A less fatigued update but no less of a crappy feeling one. It's alarming what 15 hours of travel time, three planes and a seemingly weak system will do to you. Right now it doesn't feel like too crazy of a time change...we've managed it before, and we arrived at night (7:30pm) here anyway so by the time we got to our hotel and checked in we pretty much crashed out. But now it's 5am and I'm wide awake, June just rose from the dead as well and as I type le Zed is restless. I think we'll navigate this sleep deprivation thing alright.

The running joke all night was that I still feel hollow from the trip but I keep adding the punctuation, "Ma-hollow" after to the laughter of just Dunno what struck me on the plane but it felt like a surprise attack by stealthy, well trained ninja in aloha shirts. One moment I wasn't feeling so good, hot and kinda queasy, so I tried to put my head back and sleep, and the next moment I was being woken by June and I felt like I was going to hurl poi. A plastic bag and some wet cloths later, some food and orange juice and I was feeling more like myself but only a kind of myself that had maybe just ran the Ironman. Yikes I felt bad.

I had established a pretty firm list of the things that I thought sucked the mustard pretty good...things like fighting in a war, becoming someone's play toy in prison, being seasick and stuck in the hull of a boat in the middle of the ocean, and now I'll add finding yourself airsick (or whatever the hell that was) and finally touching ground only to find yourself boarding another, much smaller plane...I'll slide that one in just below male prostitution and just above getting a bad tattoo.

Now I still feel like I'm kinda draggin' but June and Zed are bouncing around and so I better gather my wits and roll into this morning. I'm in Hawaii b!%#&$!!! This morning the news spent more time on the surf report than they did on the weather. How do you get a job around here?

Check out the logo on that cup of coffee...that's Lions Coffee Co. from right down the road in Honolulu. Good coffee but probably the gayest lookin' Lion ever...that cat's wearing what I know is a sailor's cap but what looks like a beret. How scary is a Lion in a blue beret? That's some seriously emasculating hat. Poor lion...I hope it at least helps him sell coffee. Hes not winning any man-prizes with that hat.



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