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Friday, July 24, 2009

I Advise You to Do What Your Parents Did...Get a Job Sir...

week 25 - daddy and zo... the stupid factory hasn't opened yet

So, we've established that we could indeed live here, now the question would be what we could do to survive. Aside from being independently wealthy, we'd be required to work. We couldn't do it legally unless we became doctors or nurses...fat chance...or opened our own business...slimmer chance but still relatively obeise as far as chances are measured. We could work in tourism as it seems everyone is from somewhere else...England, Australia, etc...which also brings to mind the question HTF is it that every other nationality on the planet can work all over the place but we as Canadians only seem to be allowed to travel places and not work in them? Sure there's the working holiday visa crap but you gotta be young and dumb to nail one of those (actually young and quite on the ball). I'm talking about full on adult folks working all over the world. It pains me to know that us Canadians are only temporarily employable internationally while those surly Brits are everywhere...wanker bastards.

The notion crossed my mind that we could always drive taxi cabs, but then I remembered everything I've learned about people in my previous working life and said, "#$%& no," faster than a bump of coke hits home. People suck and I don't wanna transport their suckiness all over the place in search of more way. So, no taxi jobs for these two unemployable canucks.

Then it hit me...homelessness...We could be homeless (I'm obviously just kidding...there's a bit of a blight of such phenomenon here, as there is everywhere the sun shines more than it doesn't). No...maybe we'd just have to discover a niche that's been somehow mismanaged or missed altogether and nail it. Something fun 'cause I'm terribly tired of being serious at work, even though most would say I'm not. They'd be shocked to learn that that is my version of serious. My kinda fun is waaay more stupid. My new life with awesome daughter and wicked wife here in Oahu must be fun or else I don't want to do it. All the palm trees and beaches in the world don't make up for not fun.

I'll have to sleep on it...dream of something big. I've already been working at it since I laid down to take a nap at 4:30pm and just woke up now at midnight. Oh yeah, when I set my mind to dreaming it's serious business. It's not like I just fell off the assembly line at some stupid factory, you know.


Blogger John Teeter said...

2 observations:
1. You can write a book anywhere
2. Your writing is worthy of a book.

/case closed

July 24, 2009 at 7:27 AM  

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