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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

'Heavy' is a relative term...nuthin' that funny can't fix

Bri w Rarrr - Kuhio Beach

We've been havin' fun as you could's an easy task here on O'ahu, but there are reminders all around of the cost of this life. Homelessness is pretty rampant here, as it is everywhere the sun shines, and if you're paying attention (which you should be) it's easy to realize that you're playing an integral role in the whole structure of the community that nurtures such a blight. Nurture might be a harsh term but if you're not actively working hard to fix the problem, not eradicate it or hide it, but fix the problem, then you're nurturing it. If you want to argue the point bring your Gatorade 'cause I could go all night. There are reminders in every direction that you've got something that a lot of other people don't have...hell, even the maids cleaning your room...even the guy renting you your surfboard, or serving you your being here is a reminder that without you there are no jobs, but with you a system of haves and have nots is perpetuated endlessly.

It can be a heavy subject...weighty thoughts when your supposed to be having fun, enjoying life, but I find it hard when the people who aren't are right there under your nose. It's taken a lot of years and some important lessons to remind me of how lucky I am and how unfortunate others are, and it's been those same stomach flipping lessons that have also taught me that there isn't much in the particular world that we live in that can't be served up a little better with some humor. Hell, that's why we drag Rarrrr's arse around with us wherever we go. It's pretty hard to take life too seriously when you've got a pink stuffed Domo Kun with you.

Tonight an obviously homeless and not very healthy man came and sat near us on the lava rock wall at Kuhio Beach. Maybe it's from familiarity or maybe it's just what your gut tells you, but I knew he was going to talk to me...I knew it. Not a scared or loathsome knowledge, not at all, just a sturdy surety that he was eyeing us up for potential conversation...He was.

Zo and I were playing and she was a little tired so more than cuddly and smiley...when she's tired she can get downright affectionate. We were kissing and laughing and not paying attention at all when he walked up to us. We were just packing up to leave when he strolled over and in the most unassuming voice he said, "Is this your baby?

"Yeah, I said...six months old today."

He smiled and stooped over to get a better look at her. He was dirty and disheveled, certainly suffering from some mental health issues, but he had some seriously kind eyes and was as gentle as the ocean breeze.

"She's beautiful, he said, wow," he paused. "I saw you loving her and it reminded me how much God loves us all."

He wasn't preaching but rather stating a fact. He never took his eyes off of Zoey. He truly was making an observation and just sharing it. I'm not religious in any way, shape or form, but I wasn't his looks or beliefs. He saw a father in obvious love with his daughter and wanted to say something.

I said, "Yup, just without the diaper wipes, huh?"

He grinned and enjoyed the joke, " No sir, he uses them too.

"Uses 'em on all of us I bet," I flipped back with a smile.

"Yep," he added grinning just as we were starting to walk away.

"Goodbye," he added, "You have a nice night."

That was it...that was all. Looking back the whole exchange makes me feel good, like some random unnecessary connection with a guy who maybe hadn't had one in awhile. Nothing to be scared of or confrontational about. There were plenty of people around, and I was prepared for a great many scenarios, but none arose. I knew that none would...He was just a man that wanted to say he did. I'm glad I met him. Maybe if I see him tomorrow I'll say hi. Heavy is, indeed, a relative term but funny is sometimes right where you look for it. I don't think I'll easily forget that conversation.


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