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Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing...Chris Isaak and Zo Get Along Just Fine

Zo w Mom-Dad at Chris Isaak - July 09
Mom, Zo and Dad huddled under the umbrella at Meadowbrook

Zoey knocked off her first concert last night, absorbing Chris Isaak into her still developing brain albeit mostly subconsciously as she slept through most of it.

Zo took in all of Michelle Branch but then faded after three or four Chris Isaak songs. This kid blows us away with her astonishing ability to sleep in the midst of chaos and then struggle in a quiet house. She's a freak.

Zo w Dad at Chris Isaak - July 09
Zo and Dad at Meadowbrook for the Chris Isaak show

It problem for Zo...It was worries for Zed...Long drive to and what? The Zedder conquers all.

Zo w stage background - Chris Isaak July 09
Sometimes Zo wasnt sure which direction she was supposed to face

Grandma came to the show, and so did Uncle Brad and Aunt Header...we tailgated and everything and Zedder rolled with every damn punch...Missed bed time, whatever...kinda damp and chilly, I'm cool...Michelle Branch turned country, upsetting but manageable...

Brad and Heather - Chris Isaak July 09
Brad and Head taking in Chris Isaak for somethin' like the 54th time...or the third or fourth

Zo w Mom-Mom at Chris Isaak - July 09
June, Zo, and Grandma Cathy soakin' up Michelle Branch pre-Chris Isaak

And Zo raises the bar once again, giving her parents far too much rope with which to raise a games...check...road trips...check...concerts...check. This summer of Irrevocable Awesomeness is pretty awesome.


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