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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Abercrombie Meets Pirate Gamer Type Guy...on the #8 bus.

Abercrombie and Pirate

So on the bus ride back from getting groceries tonight we sat on a packed #8 coming back from Ala Manoa and there's four fellas standing above our comfy seats...two annoying Abercrombie types, fake tanned (in Hawaii?), too tight tees with extra short sleeves for biceps showing offsies, and faux vintage jeans worn so low you could practically see these guys roots...mandatory leather bracelets and necklaces, mandatory messy hair (messed with a hairdryer)...and then right beside those two over-primped post-adolescents were two TOTAL gamer geeks, one was dressed like a pirate and the other dressed mostly just like a geek, except I suppose if you really are a geek then you don't have to dress like one, you just are one.

Anyway, I could have reached out and rocked the Abercrombie fellas with right hooks and knees to the jaw, perhaps even a neck stomp or six...I hate those brats. Frat loser mirror mongers...and then I couldn't stop laughing at the geek squad. Several other bus riders were gently smiling back at us each time we let a screeching giggle out. These guys were talking about how there really aren't many Asians in the Harry Potter series, except one, and also they were very busy playing a rousing game of "guess who plays Mr. Miyagi in the new Karate Kid movie." It was awesome. Geek boy number one had himself a full on thrift store pirate outfit on including boy capris (well worn and filthy), a ratty old silk shirt with hula dancers on it, a wool vest with a pack of Kools in the watch pocket, rope sandals, a bandana 'round his head, and a feather pen perched above his ear. He gave up his seat for an old man and said that he was being a "good pirate" today. Even more awesome than I had thought, and all for the low, low ticket price of $2.25.

Hawaii Bus

June was whispering to a half sleeping Zoey that she was to never bring either type of boy home, both ends of the spectrum are prohibited at our house. This Hawaii stuff is hilarious so far...all kinds over here...especially pirates.

On a serious note, although that last observation was about as serious as we get around here, the price of groceries in Waikiki is probably equal to free market groceries in Fidel's Cuba. Jesus H Whatshisname!

Milk price hawaii
That's the sale price...the real price is in the upper left hand corner...yikes is right

Not only are bananas about $1.09 a lb but basics like bread and milk are outrageous. Cereal was $7 and $8 a box...laundry detergent was $9 for a small 12 load jug...peanut butter was $6 for a small jar of Jiffy...only beer is cheap, $5 for a sixer of straight up Coors. I suppose fluids are more important than food. I don't necessarily have to eat.


Blogger John Teeter said...

HAHAHAHAHA Ali G season 2 outtakes last night and in one Brüno episode where he meets up with some frat boy wrestlers in Daytona and I decided two things: 1) I hope Emelia never wants to go to Daytona… so typical, so scripted. And, 2) I hope she never brings home a douche bag like the guys Brüno meets up with.

Sounds like those two haoli's are just what we're talkin'bout

July 25, 2009 at 8:19 AM  
Anonymous Ian Partridge said...

....Sounds like groceries in Red Lake. Haha.
Except for the beer, of course; it's still standard Canadian, expensive.

July 27, 2009 at 7:12 AM  

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