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Monday, June 8, 2009

Zedder Rocks Tupperville...well, not really, but she did visit it


The Zedder made her debut appearance in Tupperville on Sunday...why Tupperville? Why not?

First, Dad's cousin "Nayber" lives there...

Secondly, Dad grew up there, well, just outside of "there"...

Thirdly, we thought that Zoey should get a little more "middle of nowhere" experiences since she hasn't had one since she left Iowa a few months ago...

Fourthly (that just feels fun to say), Dad's other cousin, Al, was scooting in from Edmonton and would be appearing for one afternoon only at the Tupperville baseball field, reinforcing W.P. Kinsella's axiom that, "If you build it, they will come,"...or in this particular case, "If you leave it to grow fallow and shamefully waste all that beauty imported red Georgia clay that had no business on a crumby middle of nowhere baseball diamond infield in the middle of rural Ontario, they will come".

So Team Zedder got to meet some family, like Nayber and Christina...Al and Lindz (aka, Lenny)...and Aunt Cheryl (Grandma Cathy's little sister)...AND Dad got to play some catch on the baseball field of his youth with two of his favorite family members this side of Kelly Clarkson (Dad's really not related to Kelly Clarkson, thank god, but his hands just got busy typing and that sounded funny he just had to chuck it in there).

Anyway, we snapped some pics, ate some grilled goods and played us some catch. We also pumped a well...that sounded weird...the same well that Dad used to dunk his ball cap under when he was a little kid...and caught up with everyone. Nayber and C just bought a new house, Lindz just got into Med School, and Zoey just learned how to giggle when she farts so there was a lot to talk about.

Lenny's talkin' fancy med school crap with Zoey and she's getting frustrated by all the nonsense. Lenny doesn't get out much.

We established that Len and Zo have exactly the same skin tone...translucent.

Once they had that in common they were cool...

In fact, they were more than cool...Lenny and Zo are buddies now. Zedder seemed to like Len a lot

We discovered once we got home that we didn't have a single pic of Zo with Nayber or Christina so I guess it's back to Tupperville someday soon.


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