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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Turn on, tune in and drop out...then buy some stained glass

week 19 - me and zo at artwalk

Today was “Artwalk” in Sarnia and aside from a fun day in the sun surrounded by creative, energetic and far from bashful sorts it served as a reminder why we’re still here. Ten years ago we had no intention of sticking around the area. We were eager to get gone and find greener pastures but then events of exceptional nature kept us relatively “local” and when you sit down and pencil up the math it makes perfect sense. What doesn’t make any sense is how we’ve somehow managed to not engage ourselves in the more fun and social parts of the community in the four years we’ve been here.

Over the past decade we’ve become more inclined to lean towards the arts when we might have sat solely in stadiums in previous years. It’s funny because we’re both significantly creative people but somehow over the years we’ve allowed an inexplicable distance to slip between us and the kind of activities and people that an event like Artwalk attracts – musicians, artists, & organic types – and it’s been a bummer. Wandering the streets today was a quiet, sunny reminder of all that we’ve been missing.

There were some weirdos wandering around fo sho including fat girls belly dancing along with a dude in a dress but for the most part the streets were filled with unabashed coolness. Glass blowers, photographers, quilters and assorted hippy types…and we loves us some hippy types on occasion. Who doesn’t?

We had Stanley Cup Finals tickets for tonight (Game 5) but we sold them when the prospect of dropping $1000 US in one evening made my knees shakey. Instead we blew J's with graffiti artists and a couple of lesbian henna artists. It was awesome, and way cheaper. Zoey even got a tattoo.

Man, I can't believe we've hidden ourselves away in our backyard just playing on the beach, drinking beer, and grilling every weekend. From this point on we're tye dying our own overalls and learning how to walk on stilts. We just might be here to stay and why not dive right into the community, right? I was even thinking about learning to play the bongos, or maybe the "rain stick" or didgerydoo thingamajiggy...whatever? Either way I'd have to make it myself so as not to sell my soul to the consumer establishment.

How long 'til Mariposa?

If I can somehow manage to stop screwing around and taking advantage of the easy pickings that hippy types are I can post some new pics of le Zed. What might be the most hilarious part of this entire post is that I'd rather hang with all them patchouli stinkers then half of Joe Louis Arena tonight, I really would. I joke because I can...and I might still be wicked high from all the buckets we toked today.

week 19 - my fav! - sunglasses
The Zipster chillin' in the car post-Artwalk and boobie feast

week 19 - smiley
We had a pretty happy baby on our hands after a day of ingesting patchouli stink and incense

week 18 - more sitting
Bedtime came with Zoey's own anti-indie protest, sporting her GAP sleeper and Macbook (which she uses to buy eTrade stock online)...that's also an IKEA bed she's lounging on.

You do realize that this whole post was mostly a giant joke, right? We actually love the smell of patchouli, and we totally dig tye dye and dudes on stilts. We didn't actually smoke any doobage, or hang out with any lesbians although I'm sure we were in the vicinity of some. We'd gladly drop out and join the freak parade if we weren't so inclined to smell nice and hadn't grown so accustomed to money.


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