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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sun, sand, smushed up cereal and a World Championship

Kobe kisses daughter, Gianna

I really shouldn't be posting anything until the excitement subsides, but that might take days. Kobe and Co. did it again for his 4th NBA title, the team's 15th, and Phil Jackson's 10th. Zoey's been restless throughout, like she knows she's missing something. It was a busy day of sun and sand and more sun so she should be down and out...nope. It's after 11pm and the fusnter is still rooting around. Some nights she's all punk, others a princess, but tonight she's all "never mind the bollocks" instead of the "easy like Sunday morning" we were hoping for.

It's probably not nearly appropriate making Sex Pistols references alongside Commodores ones but I told you I was all excited and silly as putty.

Zeddie Vedder had herself a good today...and now Dad can slip off to sleep smiling too. The Lakers are World Champions once again! The sunburn I earned today stings a lot less watching Kobe and his daughters celebrate this title. I feel fourteen again!

It was a long day today, one that started at 5am and still isn't over. It had naps and grass between baby toes, rock picking on the bottom of Lake Huron, grass cutting, visiting with Murray next door (the Cap'n for almost 80 years now), and a visit from Zoey's favorite midwife, Val. Zedder get her eat on with some more cereal, she saw Grandma for a quick visit, and she giggled her tiny little ass off all day long.

The only person on the planet who's got it better this Sunday is Kobe Bryant...maybe.


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