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Thursday, June 25, 2009

A sink full of dishes doesn't wash Erin can do it


Just for funzies I thought I'd note that while Zoey's Dad, that's me, was enjoying a pretty awesome Wednesday night Cubs-Tigers game his good friends Erin and Joe were making bets about who would take two of the three games in the series. The Tigers took the first one and Erin was feeling super confident that Jim Leyland's boys wouldn't take another one. She was feeling so confident, as was her uber-Tiger boyfriend, Joe, that the two of them made a bet that involved washing the dishes all week if their respective team lost the series. Nice bet.

While such wagering was being tossed back and forth the Detroit Tigers went and slapped the Cubs a Game 2 loss and it was all I could do to keep Erin from decapitating her best buddy BFF/boyfriend, Joe. As fun as it is to watch such shenanigans it's WAY more fun to see yourself on the night's highlights when you get home. Zo, check out Dad...woooooie!

Laird HR - vs Cubs

Gerald Laird hit himself a solo home run to left-center field to give the Tigers a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the fifth inning and as you can clearly see Uncle Joe is standing on the railing's ledge making wildly antagonistic arm gestures into the air. What you might see less clearly is the shrunken ball of powder blue tee'd dashed hope beside him. That's Erin. Dad is the white blurry blob to Uncle Joe's left.

This post really had no relevance to you, Zoey, at all but I wanted to take this time to get a good but loving dig in on our fine friend Erin and maybe, if we're lucky, teach you a lesson in the finer, more gentle art of denegration, the kind your Dad practices, not the overly enthusiastic, antagonistic kind that Uncle Joe endorses.

I guess in the end it all means the same thing...Erin's washing a lot of dishes. If you throw in today's Tigers win then the Cubs left the Motor City shameful and winless. Sorry's just that this whole thing is so highly bloggable. It was nice to see Alan Trammell again though. Thanks for that.


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