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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let sleeping babies sleep...even when you really want to play

week 18 - playing with daddy

Neither Mother or daughter slept very well last night, in fact they both sucked at sleeping which was mostly Zoey's fault. June was doing her best but just couldn't manage the feat with the sleepless baby accessory she was sporting. The two were up and then down and then back up again about seventeen times. It was exhausting to watch, I can't imagine if I'd have played a role.

Before you go and chastise me for being a crappy Father I double dog dare you to stifle June's motherly urges. You'd have to tie her down to the bed and well, we've just never been into that sort of thing. That's how little "Goth" babies are born we've heard. Don't tie one another up. That's just bad. Anyway, as I sit here and ramble away at 7:30am there's a sleeping Mom and funster combo to my left and neither looks very comfortable.

I think June just said something to me about, "how tired she is," but I was ignoring her and all that incessant complaining...sorry, that line was just to see what people's reactions would be. I'm betting it's hilariously offended which is just what I was kinda going for.

The two look head swimmingly awesome right cute I'm embarrassed to uglify the situation with my morning mouth and bed head. You Mom's got yourself a tough jog being the end all, be all and stuff but, man, that's a cool gig. Zoey doesn't fall asleep on me anymore and I miss it. The Zedder and her Mom are pretty tight.

week 18 - i love those smiley eyes

I'm looking forward to the day when you can't take your eyes off of me and it's Dad who swings from clouds and hangs off of rainbows...when just a few words from my stupid mouth can turn your face into a shiny carnival of stars and butterflies and fireworks. I can't wait for the day when no one can fix things for you but me, and although it may only last a short time before you figure my ineptitude out I'll scoop it all up and live off of it in those moments you don't see through me.

If you only knew how carefully I hug you for fear that I might accidentally grind your little Zo bones into a fine, fine dust from the strength of my love alone. How will I ever make you understand? I know, I'll just tell you all about it the instant you understand a single friggin' word that comes outta my mouth, and I'll keep on telling you for the rest of your life...even when I'm gone you'll still be able to hear my voice saying such sweet things. I'll say them so often and I'll say them exactly the same way every time so that you can remember them really easy. I'll say them even when you don't deserve them and I'll say them even when I'm not thinking them...but who am I kidding, I'll always be thinking them.

I want to wake you up right now to tell you but that's just dumb. You and Mom got a good thing going and sometimes Dad's are smart enough to know when to leave things alone. Zoey will probably be embarrassed by what I write here. Tough shit. She should've seen my Dad's sweatpants.


Blogger John Teeter said...

You know what? Miss E still hangs off every breath that Mommy takes. And yet there are moments coming more frequently these days at the ripe ole age of two where I can tell that she thinks Daddy can movie mountains, beat up everyone else's Dad, and generally can solve any of the world's problems. Too bad she's fooling herself. But I ain't gonna let on… For now I am gonna play the role.

Just you wait till that moment when your sitting at the breakfast bar, clicking at the keyboard on the laptop making a comment on your friend's blog, and she comes up to you tugs at your arm, cause she wants to read a book with you.

Then you drop everything you're doing and…

June 7, 2009 at 8:26 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Oh, Bri, don't you know it's The Mommy Show with special guest Daddy???

June 7, 2009 at 11:08 AM  

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