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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Morning Zoey Sakura...Au Revoir Lord Stanley

week 18 - look at that cute face :)

Game 7 is a bummer regardless of the ending. The hockey season is over and you no longer have a legitimate reason to yell at the television until September when college football is in full swing. Baseball is a fine thing but barely ever garners screams and coffee table kicks. The NBA Finals are a favorite but you can't chuck things around the room in the same manner as hockey inspires you to. The end of hockey season means it should be summer but when you look out of your window and it's a chilly 55 degrees, cloudy and unbelievably UN-summer-like then Game 7 stings.

Zoey crashed out through the entire game with Grandma keeping watch so that Mom and Dad could go out to watch and either celebrate or come home quiet. We came home quiet. Pittsburgh looked great. Detroit looked nothing like the Detroit we've come to expect and now Zoey will wake up to a Hockeytown without the Stanley Cup. Boy will she be bummed.


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