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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Fall Out with a Side Order of Reflection

I come from a busted up home like the rest of us (sorry to lump everyone in with me but generalizations are the preferred method of communication for us lazy people), which is probably just the universe working hard to remind us that we’re really all just animals and no good at half of this upright walking and abstract thinking shit let alone relationships and other important junk. Basically half of all marriages end in divorce these days so Father’s Day probably should be a really screwed up event for approximately half of the people we know. Not me.

I grew up fine. I have no significant problems with the manner in which I was forced to grow up because the truth is I didn’t know any different (although I did always want one of those Brady Bunch family camping trips to the Grand Canyon. That would have been cool). My father did his best, or at least what seemed like his best, in the context of every scenario. My Dad used what he knew and, naturally, tossed in his own spin or two. No matter how you dice it up both he and his sons did things the only way they knew how and life played out the only way we knew. Sure, his relationship with my Mom could have been better, maybe handled entirely differently, but even that, as unfairly as it might seem, is what it is. It’s all we ever knew and so I’ll take it. In the end those things, those years weren’t what carved the details into who I am now, they wittled me down to a workable size, but the finer points were cultivated outside of my home.

I’ve spent the day dealing with kids who didn’t celebrate on Sunday. I don't know why half of all marriages fail, but you won't catch me blaming my problems on it. The idea of the family shaping who we are is kinda tired and boring (despite its super frustrating accuracy). My problems come mostly from cool shit like restless spirits and trickster demons. I don’t go much for that “my parents screwed me up,”stuff, although I see it all the time and I know it exists. I’m a devout believer in the infinite power of self, well, that and a disciplined routine of self-medication. If you believe in yourself and only feel the need to numb your brain every now and again rather than constantly then I think you can make something of yourself in this world. Besides, there’s no benefit in blaming others when no one else can serve your jail sentence or pay your alimony etc… Blaming others is a crap deal. Restless spirits and trickster demons is a far more impressive way to rationalize.

Zoey, I hope you learn the basics at home but discover the wondrous rest on your own. I promise to do the best job that I can but the rest is up to you kid. Try hard and be a good person…done, that’s it. That’s the secret. Doesn’t seem nearly big enough to get its own blog post does it? Restless Spirits and trickster demons do though. You don't mess with that stuff. If they want a post you give 'em one.


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