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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Commitment to the Greater Good (& the vast void of hope)

This morning out of sheer boredom I was walking down the street and felt the need to chuck a dollar...that's right, chuck a dollar. So I did. In Canada it's much easier than a mile west of here, in the United States of Confusion where a good wind makes it infinitely more difficult to chuck a dollar in any direction other than where the wind wants it to go. Someone, in their great and grand wisdom, turned our paper dollar into a coin a few years back and with that one simple gesture allowed me the privilege of chucking dollars with deft accuracy.

Today I chucked a dollar because, well first, I felt like it, and second, I thought it would be a nice exercise in randomness and very, very, oh-so very miniscule kindness. Some chump is gonna find that dollar -- hopefully a broke nine year old chump -- and it'll make his day. I didn't need it, otherwise I wouldn't of chucked it ( I know that proper English demands that I use the word "have" right there but I felt like doing my best Grade 4 impression and "wouldn't of" is what you get).

I suppose I could have saved it, maybe tucked it away for Zo, but I think that even the Zedder would have wanted me to chuck that damn thing. Zedder will get her dollars, no worries, in fact, she's already got a hundred or so of them because Dad's been saving his US dollar bills for her. Zoey's got loot comin' out her diapers, often more dough than her Mom has on maternity leave. No, I wanted to chuck that dollar where someone else might benefit from it. Maybe they put it in their pocket and went home to give to their daughter? Maybe they used it to buy a Slurpee (which would be a wise, wise decision)? Maybe they walked right past it and didn't even notice it's dull golden goodness sitting right there beneath their feet? Either way I was happy to chuck it and I think Zoey would have approved.

In the end I don't really know what inspired me to chuck a dollar into the great void of hope out there? Most days I'm not really sure why I do anything. If I gave much thought to the phenomenon I'd probably be more proud of the fact. You know who would have chucked a dollar without even thinking about it? My friend Chantelle would have lobbed that dollar out into the great asphalt nowhere without the faintest hint fo regret or understanding why she did it. 'Telle always did stuff like that. There are a few others that may have ventured into the "ubiquitous stupid" as I call it but mostly the folks I know would have held onto the buck and used it for their own benefit. On most occasions I might have as well, but not this one. This time that dollar is going where fate wants it to go and that's fine by me.

I feel pretty good now, like I just won a race on "Play Day," you know, when there were no stop watches and everyone in the whole damn school got a green "participant" ribbon because no one was really keeping track of winner and losers. Everybody won on "Play Day." Today feels like that now.

I'm gonna teach Zoey this trick when I get home. She can't really throw worth a damn and, of course, she doesn't wander very far from the house so chances are I'll find her dollar and go get me a Slurpee.

(I've also decided that when I get home I'm going to make a sandwich and name it after myself)


Blogger Sklyons said...

I like this idea and I think it is exactly something you would do. It's the sort of act that embodies my memories of how you interacted with the kids and staff at camp!

June 30, 2009 at 1:59 PM  

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