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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blue eyes cryin' in the rain...not really

week 21 - bright blues!

No one is actually crying but it is raining, like a monsoon, at least where I am. My days find me in places I never thought I'd ever tread but that's the job and you roll with it. A kid that's messed up in the middle of nowhere is no less messed up than a kid in the very center of somewhere, right? Well, kinda.

The Zedder and June are off visiting Baachan while I'm trudging through the day on my way to a high school graduation tonight and an uber-cool girl's Valedictorian speech. Once business is done in this part of the screwed up world I've got to scoot home, change my clothes and shoot to the school for some funster's graduation night...some funsters who never imagined they'd graduate. My favorite of which is Rachel. She was ready to give up but a few good breaks kept her going and BLAM...graduation...KABOOM...Valedictorian. Her speech better be short, sweet and funny as hell or I might get all soft and girly with my emotions...I know, it doesn't take much but until you've been to the edge of failure, grabbed hold of something and pulled yourself back then you don't get it.

I wish Zoey was old enough to catch a glimpse of some of this stuff, she'd learn an awful lot. I know I am. Every time I stare into those blue peekers of hers I wonder what we're in for. Will she cruise through it all, will she need to find some luck, help and hope like Rachel, or will we ruin the kid? I'm sure it'll be a combination of all three. I just hope she's got a conscience, some pluck and luck, and the ability and eagerness to learn about the world long after everyone else has stopped trying. Tonight I'm going to watch kids graduate who probably think they learned a lot on their path to accepting that diploma, what's funny is I think I learned more.

No worries Zed...I'll come home and tell you all about it. That's something I promise to do forever and ever. I'm gonna come home and tell you everything, even if I have to wake you up to do it. Sorry Mom, I think it's important (More important than sleep you ask?). Zoey would love to hear all about Rachel's night, I'm sure, so I'll tell her. Tonight a girl graduates who didn't think she would. If it's still raining at eight o'clock tonight there very well could be blue eyes crying in the rain as I make my way home. It means a lot to me that Rachel is graduating. It reminds me how important it is to reach out for help and then use it to beat the hell out of whatever it is that you want until you get it. I'm sure there are more articulate ways of saying it but I like it that way.


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