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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Zo's 1st Swim...polka dots, purple lips and scholarship implications

1st swim - YMCA May 24-09

The sun is out but it's as cold as the United Center's reception for Niklas Kronwall this afternoon, too cold to play that's for sure, so we went in search of warmer fun. Today was Zoey's first swim, ever! She didn't really know what to think. The pool at the YMCA was a lot bigger than the bathroom sink at home and usually Mom and Dad don't take baths with the Zipster so she was a little concerned with all the fuss and company. She loved it once she got comfy and she floated around with her "rents" like it was an everyday thing. She played with a rubber duck that the lifeguard had given her and she had the entire pool to herself. This could be a regular Sunday thing, well, until football season.

Grandma Cathy came to visit and watched from the visitors deck. Now if Zo grows to be 6'1" and earns a spot on the Canadian Olympic Swim Team Grandma Cathy can say, "I saw her in the pool for the very first time." She'll surely swim better by then, you know, without the "Little Swimmers" diapers and all. Cross your fingers. We're sending a video from today's pool time to Jim Richardson, the Women's Head Swim Coach at Michigan. We're not sure how early the recruiting process can begin but it doesn't hurt to let him know that Zo's a gamer.

1st swim - YMCA May 24-09
Mom and Zo at the Jerry McCaw Family Center - YMCA

The water at the Y was on the coolish side of the "warm" it was supposed to be and Zo had some chattering teeth, well, gums...and some pretty purple lips. We didn't swim long, maybe 30 minutes, and Zo was game for more but her purple, quivering lips were making us feel a little guilty. We wrapped her up in a towel and scooted home. Zo's gonna be a regular at the Y, I think, you know, start her Olympic training early. Next week Mom says, "she's goin' under," and she'd better believe it. Mom doesn't mess around with that stuff being a former swim instructor and lifeguard herself. Zo is doomed to smell of chlorine until she's at least 18.

Post-YMCA swim nap May 24, 2009

It was a big day for the Zedder, so big that she got home and crashed right out with her third best buddy, Debu. He rates right behind Cowraffe and Target, naturally, but he needs cleaning up after. Now we'd never just let Zo sleep on the same bed with Debu but in this particular case both were out cold and we were watching. Pretty cute, you know, except for all the poo tangles and spit-up. We remember when Debu didn't want anything to do with Zoey, now he's all about hanging out with a human being that he could eat if he wanted to.

*Sorry there's no in-pool photos but cameras aren't allowed on the pool deck. Mostly because of all of the old men in speedos, I think.


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