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Monday, May 11, 2009

Zoey can bring this kid home anytime!

If you didn't see "Ellen" today (it's a given that June did) then you missed Yuto Miyazawa. He's a nine year old guitar prodigy from Japan who worhsips at the altar of Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhodes. He's been an internet phenomenon for awhile now. The kid is unbelievable and we've decided as a family that Zoey is allowed to hang out with him whenever she wants.

And just cause we've got a good excuse, check out the real deal...check out Randy's guitar stand in the background...little Yuto even rcks the same flying V as Mr. Rhodes did...awesome!

Our favorite has to be the stacks of Marshall amps behind Ozzie (we dreamt of them as small naive children) and the extra fun bass player in red...he's particularly impressive.


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