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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Zedder gets a good eat on sans's really quite impressive

I never thought I'd be the type of guy to post photos of a messy kid munching watered down rice cereal but it turns out that I am that type of guy...and unabashedly so to boot.

Zo got her feed on this afternoon with some rice cereal and dug it. She really liked the stuff which surprises the hell outta me 'cause it looks awful. It's a big moment for us 'cause with any luck she takes to it good and hard and can last a little longer between munches. Doesn't sound like much but try being June's boob for a day. You'd appreciate it then.

Zo w cereal 6

Zo w cereal 3

Zo w cereal 1

Zo w cereal 2

So what does this potentially mean? It means that we can maybe go see a means that we might be able to get through an entire Tigers game without the entire bleacher section seeing my wife's means maybe we can get a whole concert in without breast feeding during the means Zo might fall asleep a little means Dad can feed the means a new and different looking kind of poop in all those means that I'm the type of guy who takes photos of messy babies eating cereal and then shares them with the world as if anyone else might care. Of course, it might mean something else to you entirely but I bet you're going with the last one.


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