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Monday, May 18, 2009

If you build it they will come...and if you don't, well, whatever I guess

No long weekend is a write off if you can score a day at the ballpark, especially if your team wins, and especially if they come back from a 5-0 deficit after the two thirds of an inning (Nice job Armando Galarraga)...even more especially (can you say that?) if the sun is shining and your daughter is giggling and the Red Wings are playing Game #1 of the Western Conference FInals just a few blocks away.

We might not have heard our telephone ring once this weekend (which is bull#$%! by the way) but we saw a great ballgame. To make the weekend that much better, the Celtics lost their Game 7 while the Lakers won theirs...if you add all that up who cares if every one we know sucks...We can officially say such slander since I can guarun-damn-tee you that almost everyone we know got busy doing something this weekend...What? I'm just saying. I'm allowed to just say aren't I?

Anyway...we had a good day...and there's still an empty and sunshine filled Monday to enjoy.

Naturally when one gets to wondering what they're going to do for new friends the ideas get pretty weird. Brian decided that he's starting a Wiffle Ball League...that's right, a Wiffle Ball League. He's bound to meet cool folks playing Wiffle Ball...especially if he hand picks 'em via an official draft into the newly formed "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". He gonna build a ballpark too. Just like this one.

That oughta do it. Don't come cryin' to Zoey's Dad when your next long weekend is empty and there's a rockin' Wiffle Ball park with a lake view shakin' all over the place. Then we'll see whose phone rings. At least, that's how Brian's plan goes. Brian has a lot of plans.


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