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Thursday, May 28, 2009

There will be no announcements at this Game 5...nope, none

Last year at around this time June and I broke the news of Zoey's impending arrival to some people with a fun photograph taken at Joe Louis Arena during Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals. This year we'll be at Game 5 once again (thank god for living within an hour of an NHL dynasty) but there will be no birth announcements. We're still shaking our heads that we're parents of one little beeb.

So we've got a room at the Doubletree right there near Cobo Arena and Joe Louis...we've got a two bed, two room suite and we'll be dragging a Grandma or a Baachan along with us to help (free day in the city on our dime). The plan is to stick to Zo's normal bedtime routine except to do so in our suite at the Doubletree. Usually Zoey is asleep by 8pm and typically stays asleep. Once she's down and out we'll bail for the "Joe" and the game. June is such an amazing woman that she even insists that if Zo isn't complying by game time Dad can scoot and grab our seats to catch the game's entirety and she'll follow up as soon as Zo hits the sheets good and solid. She'd likely only miss a portion of the 1st period. Now that's a stellar human being!

So if you exclude last Sunday night's quick jaunt out for a bite to eat thanks to Grandma Cathy, this will be our first heavy duty night out sans Zo. It's just extra awesome that it's a Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals. What's hilarious is that this will be only June's second NHL game ever, and the first was last year's Game 5. Can you spell the word "spoiled."

Cross your fingers for a baby that falls asleep deep and fast, and then cross the fingers on your other hand that June and I get to watch Lord Stanley's Cup get hoisted on Saturday June 6th.


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