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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Summer Abroad...California here we come


Our summer address will be significantly different from our winter one this year. We'll be living in Idyllwild, California this summer after several weeks of enthusiastic wandering. We'll likely be splitting time between San Clemente and Encinitas before slipping up to the mountains above Palm Springs and Joshua Tree for the remainder of the summer.

Sounds like a rough life huh? It is.

We'll get everyone our address as they require it and for those of you who don't, no offense but it'll feel good to disappear with whereabouts unknown.

It's a good story how we ended up in that involves a wonderful woman who has treated us with the sort of sincere kindness that you just don't see anymore. We can be super thankful that we have the life that we have and that there are people on the planet who give more than they take.

Sun, sand, ocean, and rock..pines and abalone shells all in equal proportions. I know, I know...I've heard it a hundred and twenty times...smell like roses, pile of poop, blah blah blah...but have you ever considered that we dodge the piles of poop with the most deft skill and agility ever? Maybe we smell like roses because we never found the bottom of the pile in the first place.

Now...who wants to go climbing in August?


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