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Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Photos...New Haiku's...Haiku's?

It's been an eventful week...mostly for Dad but Zo's had some noteworthy events too. It seems as though she does more than simply change every day. She obviously learns something new every minute of every day but the changes seems so obvious every time I stop and stare.

The latest:

Zoey's developed this growl, this deep, throaty grrrr of a thing. She started doing it for no reason whatsoever but then quickly realized how much it entertained us and now we can't get her to stop! It's pretty ridiculous, but funny.

Zoey likes Debu even more now that she's discovered that she can reef on his furr and he'll just purr and endure her torture because he likes her right back.

Zoey's not a very big fan of in NO wind at all or she gets all prima donna diva-like.

Zoey is trying formula every now and again but hating every slurp of it. She's gotten the nod to get into the juice now too so look out! (by juice we mean actual juice, not steroids)

The Zedder is slowly becoming very obviously ticklish.

There's a race many mornings to see who gets to greet Zo after she's wakes 'cause it's the biggest smile of the day.

I'm sure there's plenty more but I'm also sure that you're patiently waiting for an explanation (or example) of those previously mentioned haiku's. It's a funny story. Sure, we'll tell it. The Tigers had a day game and the Wings don't play again until tomorrow night so what else are we doing? But first some new pics for the fam...

Smiling Zo in car seat May09
I'm not sure what was so funny but Zo was losin' it. When she gets to smiling really hard her whole face disappears into those squenched up eyes

Freaked out Zo close up May09
Similarly, when she's freaked out boy she's freaked out.

Zo close up pink May09
...and when she's all sweet and curious I double dog dare you not to swoon.

Zo close up May09
And she can be more fun than a hockey rink all to yourself, pucks included

Now...those haiku's...

I went flipping through some old legal pads full of scribbles and found a bunch of these ridiculous haiku's that I scribbled out of boredom once...I think I had read about some fella who was always scribbling haiku's and they were hilarious so I thought maybe I'd try that. Of course first I had to look up the rules for haiku-ness. Once I got those down the stupidity just started flowing. Most of them were written in the margins of Tiger scorecards, which makes them even more funny. Envision a hapless haiku poet marking a 6-4-3 double play onto his scoring sheet while simultaneously trying hard not to extend too many syllables into the margins. After flipping through all those scorecards and reading all those horrible haiku's I envisioned some of my more creative and enthusiastic friends (and ones who share very much the same odd sense of humor as I do) pumping out their own. It's stupid and pointless and so kinda worth doing...not sure why I was doing ti at the ballpark though?

Here are some of the hilarious pencil scratches that I found. Someday Zo's going to be so embarrassed by her Dad that she changes her name. Might not be a bad idea.

Magglio at bat
even with a runner on base
it's all about the hair

...or how about this beauty...

Chase Utley is good
and Ryan Howard is good
but still I don't care

...and this one...

Comerica Park
has a ferris wheel for kids
and a bar for me

If this next one isn't good it's at least accurate...

Four-twenty in center
and three-thirty down the line
I can't hit either

What about this horror of a haiku...

Vlade Guerrero
an Angel with a good bat
but he ain't got wings

Of course even haiku's can get nasty...

That damn Santana
he is pretty f#%king awesome
but I still hate him

..and I'm especially proud of this last one...

If you need to poo
try to avoid the ballpark
because that's just gross

I think I'm going to start writing more haiku's. They're fun, and inexplicably they make people think I'm an idiot and I've always felt as though that was an underrated label to shoulder...especially if you could prove otherwise at your own convenience. I have no issues with being considered an idiot. I've got me some mad haiku skillz and a beauty daughter so I'm not too concerned.


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