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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day x 3...minus one plus an Aunt.

Mothers Day was a busy day around here...Aunt Netta visited...Zo slipped down to Baachan and Grandad's, and then over to Grandma's place to see no less than everyone...Pops, Uncle Brad, Avery, was a big and busy day! Too much to type so here's a few pics to give you the general idea how it all went...Baby visits, baby gets lots of attention, baby is mostly good with some rough spots thrown in just for fun and then baby goes home extra tired that she spent half the night awake talking to herself in her room...yup, freak...all we could hear through the monitor was goos and gahs, some spit bubble blowing (her newest favorite thing), and the odd little I said, freak.

Aunt Netta slips down to the house on the beach...

Zo June Netta - May 9-09
Zo with Mom and the Netter

Zo June couch May 9-09
Zo and the Momster...nice look sans pants Zo, weirdo.

le Zo with le Baachan (are you allowed to mix French & Japanese in one dumb sentence?)

Zo Mihoko Mother Day
Close up of the Zedder on Baachan's lap...not crying and thus shattering Mihoko's heart as she has been

Zo Mihoko - Mothers Day 1
Baachan and Zo brewing up some smiles.

A visit to Grandma Cathy's...a busy visit

Cathy Zo - Mothers Day
Grandma and Zo chillin' in the kitchen, away from the fray of a full house

Brian Sr. Zo - Mothers Day
The Zipster with Pops, protecting her from her freakshow cousin Reece.

June Zo sink bath - Mothers Day
Time for a bath and then bed at Grandma's...and she tackled both too!

Sleeping Zo - Mothers Day
...and Mother's Day is finally over. The first one was a long one...crashed out cold at Grandma Cathy's

By the end of the day I was pretty happy to have the three women I've got around me...June has been the most incredible Mom my feeble mind was capable of conceiving and watching with every smile and cuddle or cradle and my stomach flips like we just met...and Mihoko, June's Mom, reminds me exactly why June is who she is, and I love her...and my own Mom, who gave me more than I realized at the time and did it all times two. There are entire chunks of her that are missing because she gave them to us. Zoey's got three examples to watch and learn from...Zoey and me both.


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